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Quality Assurance Inspection and Report

Quality Assurance Inspectors are responsible for ensuring the builder’s workmanship is to an acceptable standard

APS provides clients with the opportunity to make choices from the services we offer and can also provide customised services that match the needs of the clients.

Stage Inspections

Our highly trained and experienced inspectors will provide reports on the following stages:

• Site Preparation and Foundation
• Wall and Roof Framing
• Brick Work and Roofing
• Internal Linings
• Internal Cabinetry & Fix Out
• Handover/Practical Completion Inspection (PCI)/Defects Report

We provide a thorough inspection of both the internal and external zones once the main completion is obtained. Our building consultants are highly trained and skilled professionals and will ensure the work completed is of the highest quality workmanship and identify non-compliant issues, referring to the Australian Standards. Our consultants can also offer advice on the property to avoid any major future problems. APS inspects the quality of the finished work and at the same time provides a report that lists the issues which require rectification.

We encourage both the clients and the site supervisor to be available for the inspections and to collaborate as a team to explore best outcomes for all involved.
Once our client has received the report, we are more than happy to discuss our findings further. APS supports builders and contractors with stage checks to identify any damages and minimize liability.

High-rise Quality Assurance

Abundance Property support builders and contractors with sections of due checks to spot any damages and also minimize liability.

Our services are adjustable allowing you to engage us in almost all of the services we render:

Plan check: we help to identify huge and omitted detail in your documentation. Good proposals are your direction towards a great project.

Progress Inspections: Quickly spot defects before they become a great problem. Ideal inspection includes Balconies, wet areas, windows, roof surfaces and Door flashing.

Benchmark: we make use of your model units to ascertain an agreed state of finishes by all stakeholders. We also agree on particular detailing of completion and create checklists before inspecting other apartments.

Final Inspections: units and common properties.

Private Progress report.

Most private certifiers do not properly scrutinize quality building work as they are not responsible for it.

Abundance property inspects the quality of the finished work and at the same time provides the list of issues that requires fixing before and after the lining fixing.

  1. Brickwork
  2. Frame
  3. Exterior windows
  4. Cavities &flashings

Abundance Property consultant helps to troubleshoot startling issues and also provide ways by which they can be tackled as well as how to relate with touchy contractors.


Commercial Quality Assurance

Abundance Property checks your fit-out project and organizes independent defect checks

We prepare inspections for both small to large medical /fit-outs to multi-use projects.

Reach out to our professional inspectors on your next fit-out to get what you want.

Plan check

It is often believed that all drawings and specifications are detailed and authentic. Even when an architect is being hired, some things need to be checked.

A plan Check is simply the audit of the plans and specifications for errors and oversights before the commencement of the project. It is usually prepared to identify:

  1. Mistakes
  2. Omissions
  3. Defects in the drawings

All of these can help you save cost and time and also help you avoid misunderstandings between you and your designer.

Who will check through?

Well-trained and experienced Designer /Architect who is versed in the issues that erupt during the building process to ward off future problems.


Private Final Report 

A final report is an affordable way of making sure the building is up to the standard once it’s declared complete by the contractor.

What our report will show:

  1. Unfinished items. These are usually minor issues that can be fixed easily by the contractors.
  2. Issues that need immediate fixing
  3. Certificates that the contractors ought to tender. This certificate indicates that the significant aspects of the work have been inspected thoroughly by the right and qualified people.

Also, most of these building project comes with a timeframe for inspection and report. It also

Specify the period of the completion of the building as well as the repairs.

For any concerns about the final payments, our report will help in determining the severity of the defects without stressing you.

Who does it?

Most of our building consultants are highly trained and experienced to identify building defects that can cause issues in the long run. We also advise avoiding future problems.

Need a Sample Report?