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Asset Management Report

Due to a lack of regular maintenance on their homes, homeowners find themselves struggling with unexpected costs required to make repairs and replacements.

Building contractors, firms, organisations as well as corporate bodies have a responsibility to keep their buildings in the best state. Often things get missed as not all owners are “building aware” and as such have hired trades that don’t provide a comprehensive account of issues that occur.

Authorities have been tasked with the duty of vetting homes and structures that are not properly maintained and timely maintenance is cost-effective compared to having to buy a new home appliance.

Our professionals at APS allow us to incorporate more advice in a particular visit such as Asbestos Identification, Fire Safety & OHS /Safety Inspection. We work in partnership with other companies to provide a full range of services such as electrical, mechanical & plumbing to ensure all your needs are met and consistency is maintained.

Residential Maintenance Report

Residential properties require regular maintenance to ensure that they are in good condition. Accurate and timely maintenance is more affordable compared to expenses for damage beyond repair.

At Abundance Property, our Residential Maintenance includes:

  1. Prioritized maintenance, alterations, and replacement advice
  2. List items and problems that require an immediate response


Who completes report?

At Abundance property, our experience and well-versed consultants who are experienced in maintenance issues and to assist you in getting aware in:

  • The state of major materials and components
  • Fire safety issues
  • Maintenance problem that you need to probe further


How long does it take to prepare?

A written report often takes about 7 to 10 working days of inspection

Need a Sample Report?

Need a Property and Asset Management Report? You can trust Abundance Property Services

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